Events play a vital role in human culture and society, providing opportunities for people to come together, strengthen relationships, express gratitude, and celebrate life’s milestones and achievements. Carnival club’s primary goal is to create a fun and inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity and unique talents of our team.

Club members will work together to produce creative and fun ideas for celebrating various events throughout the year. We take great pride in our team’s work; hence we celebrate their achievements as well as celebrate their special moments in this journey of life.


Sankranthi : We had a delightful time celebrating Sankranti at our office on January 13th. Everyone came dressed in traditional outfits, creating a festive and lively atmosphere that filled us all with joy. During the event, every team had the chance to take photos with their leads and managers, providing a great opportunity to capture memories and celebrate together. Here are some glimpses from the occasion.


Women’s Day: We celebrated International Women’s Day on May 7th by surprising all the female employees with gifts and chocolates. Miss. Priyanka, the Women President of Quality Matrix Group, shared her thoughts and experiences of women empowerment. During the event, she honoured a senior housekeeping female employee. The celebration ended on a sweet note with the cutting of a cake.


Ugadi: On March 21st, we gathered to celebrate Ugadi, the Telugu New Year, in our office. As a team, we organized a potluck that included the essential Ugadi pachadi. It was a delight to enjoy the diverse range of food from different religions and regions. To add to the festive mood, everyone came dressed in ethnic attire. It was a wonderful celebration that brought us all together. Below are glimpses of the event.

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