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End-To-End Services for Next-Gen Digital Applications
Quality Matrix Digitalization Testing Service Offerings
Quality Matrix is a trusted QA partner to serve all your digital testing needs. With proven domain and technical testing experience and end-to-end testing service portfolio, we address challenges in the areas of functionality, API,security, performance, localization,usability, and cross-device compatibility across the entire digital world.
We work closely with our global clients in their SDLC lifecycle transformation to DevOps and Agile to ensure faster time to market and also help our clients to reduce overall regression cycle time for your digital applications.
Our mobile test strategy addresses to all possible combinations of platforms, operating systems, browsers and networks to ensure optimal test coverage. Our robust automation framework coupled with our own accelerators help to clients to reduce their overall regression cycle time and overall testing engagement costs.
  • Quality Matrix mobile testing CoE help our clients to maintain high quality with reducing costs and time-to-market
  • Dedicated test environments for Platform Certification Testing
  • Detailed Automated reporting ,dashboards and Metrics
  • Dedicated mobile test lab with over 500 mobile devices across different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows
  • On-time delivery
Quality Matrix Differentiators

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