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Who we are

We are a global computer technology services company specializing in cloud integration, data analytics, mobile technology and quality assurance. We transform the way you do business.

With multiple industry standards and ever-changing methodologies, resources and technologies, seamless deployment and use of technology has become a huge challenge. Quality Matrix makes it easy! We have been helping our clients through our hard-earned experience and the expertise, while adhering to the exacting standards and expectations.


To be a process driven organization, achieving subject matter expertise in each of our service domains. To build a growth culture for individual talent, aligned to business outcomes


To be a leading partner, in delivering information technology consulting solutions and services, contributing to stakeholder’s growth.

Established in 2002 in the New Boston, MA Quality Matrix has earned a reputation in a dynamic global marketplace, by partnering with out clients in achieving technology roadmaps and business transformations.

How we started

Our Story Which Matters

Quality Matrix – Right choice for Quality Assurance 

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