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Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing to Secure your Business Transactions
Quality Matrix Blockchain Testing Service Offerings
Quality Matrix’s Blockchain Testing Centre of Excellence provides end to end Testing services for Blockchain platforms and implementations.
Quality Matrix follows the. Below mentioned proven disciplined approach to address Blockchain challenges and uses specialized testing capabilities for successful Blockchain application testing.
Quality Matrix Differentiators
  • Pool of high skilled & certified technical SME’s and automation testers having in-depth experience in testing BLOCKCHAIN technology based solutions
  • Improved time to market
  • Risk Based testing for faster time to market without compromising on test quality
  • Ensure Blockchain Process Assurance and disciplined Blockchain testing process
  • Automated test execution percentage increased to 65 percent in the regression testing which helps clients to reduce the overall regression cycle time and also helped to the clients to reduce the overall testing engagement cost.

When Quality Is in Our Hand, The Defects Will Stay Behind

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