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Embrace AI Testing to Shorten Testing Time and Release Quality Software Faster
Quality Matrix AI/ML Testing Service Offerings
The AI and ML-powered approach to Software testing can allow QA teams to overcome some of the key challenges of traditional testing. 
Some of the Key challenges are
  • Identifying the key business use cases for AI based testing
  • Lack of awareness about AI driven testing approach.
  • Integration with existing applications
Quality Matrix Ai/ML capabilities will help our clients to build more efficient continuous frameworks for quality delivery.
However, there are plenty of software testing related challenges that businesses may come across while trying to leverage AI for testing apps for quality.
Quality Matrix Ai/ML capabilities will help our clients to build more efficient continuous frameworks for quality delivery.
BY Utilizing Quality Matrix expertise in intelligent test and automation services helps client to release products time-to-market by reducing the over all testing lifecycle time and reduce business risk and improving product quality and operational efficiency.
Quality Matrix AI/ML testing COE will follow disciplined structured approach which internally helps our clients to identify defects during early stages of SDLC Lifecycle and also optimize testing and predict failure points, thus reducing the overall testing engagement cost and achieving high customer satisfaction
AI based Testing Services Includes
  • Algorithm-based Risk-based Testing
  • AI and NLP based Continuous testing, by executing relevant automated test cases per commit from Regression Test repository
  • Optimize existing Test Suite by removing redundancies which in turns increase the overall Test Coverage
  • Identify defects during early stages of lifecycle by analyzing defects using AI
  • Automated Regression, Smoke and Santiy Test suite using AI specific test automation tools
  • Business Process Testing using end to end business work flows
Few of the test automation tools we use for automation are
  • Testim.io
  • Appvance
  • Test.ai
  • Functionize
  • Eggplant AI
  • Mabl
  • Retest
  • TestCraft
  • Helped our global clients to reduce 45% overall testing costs by leveraging test automation and follows disciplined test methodology and process
  • Faster deployments
  • Matured governance over test data and test suite
  • Better traceability with backward & forward integration
  • Holistic approach with early feedback with unattended execution
  • Increased the overall test coverage
  • A Test Automation CoE with Machine Learning and AI-assisted tools such as Applitools, SauceLabs, Testim, Sealights, Test.AI, Mabl ,retest,TestCraft,Test.ai and Functionize
  • AI Powered regression suites for agile teams
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